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About hospital 

Public institution Šilutė hospital



The history of the present Šilutė Hospital began in October 10, 1892, when a new brick hospital was built and solemnly opened on the piece of land donated by Šilutė land lord H.Scheu, located on the left bank of the river Šyša, by the road to Rusnė.

Public institution Šilutė hospital has 165 beds in 6 specialised departments such as: Surgical, Orthopedic, Internal diseases, Intensive Care Therapy, Paediatric and Convalescent and Nursing. In addition, care is taken in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department, Outpatient clinic, Clinical diagnostic laboratory, Dialysis and Radiology units. The service of early rehabilitation of disorders in children’s development is administered as well.

Public institution Šilutė hospital, is a licensed, non-profit health care establishment providing health service of II level not only residents of Šilutė region, but also to people living in Pagėgiai municipality.

Our vision is a multifunctional II level treatment institution constantly seeking quality of health care and optimum work conditions for all medical personnel.

Our mission is to administer safe health care services based on science and high quality, which would meet the demands of our patients; to make good use of our possibilities, technical and financial resources; to take on all responsibility for health care services; to aim high standard of work.

In Šilutė hospital there are more than 360 employees including 65 physician and 160 health care specialists. Our medical personnel does their best so that inhabitants of Šilutė region can get a universal, qualified and specialized treatment. Our medical staff improves their, skills in various medical institutions and take part in international workshops and conferences.

On overage, over 6000 patient per year from Šilutė region as well as from other countries of Lithuania undergo treatment in our inpatient department. More than 2000 operation are performed here and a number of visits per year at specialists is more than 82.000.

Over the last few year a lot has been done to improve the quality of health service, to introduce new equipment as well as to create secure social guarantees and working conditions.

Having implemented the project financed by the European development fund and Lithuanian budget to enhance the quality of services provided in our hospital, our outpatients are able to get a better rehabilitation, a faster emergency help, a more suitable nursing and convalescent care; there is also access to day care surgical treatment.

Our institution is capable of providing a qualified rehabilitation service using modern physiotherapic equipment. In 2012 a new Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department and the Service of early rehabilitation of disorders in children’s development were established due to the funds from the European Union. Working conditions have improved in Nursing and convalescent unit thanks to the use of new beds, lifting mechanism and shower wheelchairs. The premises of outpatients clinic were renovated and new digital x-ray apparatus was installed.

At present, a project is being carried out in order to expand electronic health system, which will enable us to use electronic medical records (EMR) systems and ensure the creation of patient’s records of diseases, electronic centres of the analysis of medical researches, a quick exchange of medical data and health observation in electronic environment. The system will be intergrated into the national database.

Due to the project allocated to reduce the sickness rate and mortalities from hear and cardiovascular diseases among the population in the middle and west of Lithuania, which was implemented together with Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics, we acquired ultrasound equipment of the III level, a long-termed EKG observation apparatus and a complex bed for Intensive Care unit.

Our objective is to ensure that population of Šilutė region get a qualified treatment and health care services as near their homes as possible. In today’s changing word our hospital is prepared to face any challenges. We are determined to fulfil our duties well, to improve ourselves and help our patients.

We invite you to ask for help and rely on our medical staff.




Hospital Details

Public institution Šilutė hospital

Rusnės str.1, LT-99185, Šilutė, Lithuania
Phone: +370 441 61043,
Fax: +370 441 62100,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Leagal person code: 277329430



Public institution Šilutė hospital
Rusnės str. 1, LT-99185 Šilutė, Lithuania
Secreteriat phone: +370 441 61043
Fax: + 370 441 62100